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We train twice a week (whatever the weather). Our amazing coaches are Chris Giblin, Theresa Lewin, Tony Metcalfe and Guy Roberts.



Warm Up sessions


Time spent warming up and cooling down can improve an athlete’s level of performance and accelerate the recovery process needed before and after training or competition.

Mossley Hill AC is happy to be reintroducing the group warm up every Monday and Wednesday for all club runners before training at the bottom (or side) field from 6:30pm.

The warm up, led by Guy Roberts, aims to increase heart rate and reduce muscle stiffness through dynamic stretching and will last around 15 minutes.

All club runners are welcome and the session will be finished in time to head off for the training run at 6:45pm as normal.



Monday Circuit Training (summer training only)


Each Monday coach Guy Roberts will be holding a short session aimed to improve all round fitness consisting of sit-ups, squats, press ups etc.

The session will take place on the bottom (or side) field from 6:00pm.



Training Runs


The running section currently has two groups covering different distances and abilities. All our training sessions start and finish at Mossley Hill Athletic club heading out at 6.45pm.

Summer runs are situated in and around nearby parks and winter keep to footpaths and roads. Details of the B Group routes can be found here.

The Monday session is a steady run for both A and B Groups. B Group has a cut off group for members covering a shorter distance. We have qualified coaches who support people getting in to running for the first time.

Our Wednesday session consists of efforts or speed work; it varies from short sprints with recovery time or continuous jog/sprint/jog. It’s interesting and varied and certainly helps build stamina.

More information about the benefits of speed work will be available soon.



Photos from the training session were kindly taken by Joey Ormsby. All photos from the session are available here