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Previous Results

Mens Results

 123456789101112131415161718192021TotalBest 10
Allan Lawson916161413141614112112
Tony Metcalfe1014141613121314106106
Colin Sefton13131491112138585
Ian Williams16131211126464
Dom Cooper714163737
Matthew Skaife416163636
Pete Jones13112424
Chris McElroy110122323
Kenny Garner12102222
Martin Rogers46112121
Nye Audas1181919
Jim Pettitt1251717
Pete Davies791616
Paul Skaife3131616
Ant Cassidy161616
Billy Fearon141414
Tom Clarke101010
Leo Stevenson999
Roy Hughes888
Ian Pinnington888
Barry Lewin777
John Shaw666
Ian Ruddock666
Guy Roberts555
John Cain222
Eamonn Brady111

Womens Results

Helen Davies (1st)---88---8-888-8888880
Anne Jeynes (2nd)----6--66---6-566-647
Morna Maines88-55-8--------5---31
Susan Rogers (vet)-------84-----6--6-24
Sharon Farmer---4----3--6--4-5--22
Diane Rogers---12---1--4-83----19
Claire Haslam---6----5----------11
Lindsey Collier------5-1------4---10
Claire Malleson-----------5-----4-9
Mary Smallwood------6------------6
Cath Rigby-----------------5-5
Helen Parsons------------------55
Lynn Cook----4--------------4
Judy Giblin----3---1----------4
Samantha Sharpe---3---------------3
Sarah Shone---2----1----------3
Sam Tiger---1----2----------3
Janet Caplan---1----1----------2
Theresa Lewin---1----1----------2
Eddie Terry----1---1----------2
Donna Gray---1---------------1
Eileen Brown--------1----------1
Joyce Boardman--------1----------1
Sandra McMillan--------1----------1
Kate Cassim--------1----------1
Fiona Boardman--------1----------1
Ria O'Toole--------1----------1
Ann O'Toole--------1----------1
Jacqui Smith--------1----------1
Katie Crozier--------1----------1
Sinead Blaney--------1----------1
Ruth McLaughlin--------1----------1


The following records will be added to the championship tables in coming weeks…

MEN                                WOMEN
2009 Champ       Guy Roberts                      Briony Taby
Runner-up  Owen Burns                       Helen Davies
Vet            Tony Metcalfe                     Mary Smallwood

Prior to 2009 no trophy was awarded to the runner-up, and no separate vets’ category was recognised.

2008 Champ      Guy Roberts                       Briony Taby
Runner-up Tony Metcalfe                      Anne Jeynes

2007 Champ      Guy Roberts                       Mary Smallwood
Runner-up Tony Metcalfe                      Gen Williams

2006 Champ      Tony Metcalfe                     Gen Williams
Runner-up Alan Clarey                        Mary Smallwood

2005 Champ      Tony Metcalfe                     Fiona Wright
Runner-up Alan Clarey                        Gen Williams